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I Got to Join the Atheist Blogroll

How cool is that? Being an atheist in recovery is kind of lonely, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge and start this blog. Of the few atheists who make it into the rooms in

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Mothers Who Think

What ever happened to Mothers Who Think at Back when I was breastfeeding, using cloth diapers with natural wool wraps, and putting soft leather shoes on my little ones. I was reading books like Better Late Than Early, by

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Staying on Track

It’s difficult to stay on the gentle path. Lust hits are everywhere and sometimes they send you reeling before you have your defenses marshaled. I think many women would agree that finding the right bra is almost as difficult as

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Betrayal Bonds

I was reading an editorial in the paper today about how the young woman who prostituted herself to Spitzer looks like a well adjusted consenting adult. And the problem with that is that it makes it easy for us to

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Thoughts on Easter

Like many people who have been abused by a member of the clergy, my husband and I have lost our faith and since it’s Easter, I feel a little sad about that. We’ve always leaned toward the rational and the

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A Flash Poem

I love this poem, The Flesh of a Mango. Sometimes it gives me vertigo to think that in a relatively short period of time single celled organisms have organized sufficiently to form us. And how cool that we’re aware of

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The Karpman Triangle

I’m an addict, which makes me the most visible part of a sick family system. Someone could look at my acting out behaviors and say omg, how awful, stupid, gross, or whatever. That same person would look at my husband’s

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Personal Craziness Index

I made a spreadsheet for my PCI and thought I’d share it here. It’s a great recovery tool but I can’t seem to stick with it. I’ll go along just fine for a few weeks and then start forgetting. What

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I’ve Had Three Good Therapists

This photo seemed apropos. That’s me. Headed up, toward the light, eyes wide open, smiling, swimming with my defensive spines down. I can’t figure if my therapist would be pushing me up or coaxing forward. Probably he’s swimming alongside. I’ve

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Science vs. Wisdom in Recovery

I bought Julia Sweeny’s cd of her show, Letting Go of God. Her story is different from mine, but just like the stories in a 12-step meeting, there were things that I could really relate to. Having to say good-bye

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