Celebrity Rehab


It’s about time we started talking more openly and honestly about alcohol and drug addiction right? That means it’s good that we have shows about rehab and intervention on TV. At least that’s what I’ve been thinking. But the shows seem so voyeuristic and uncouth to me.

Besides being triggering for drug addicts, Intervention’s inclusion of paraphernalia and drug use is unethical. The actual interventions are instructive – I guess. Maybe. I like the ones Jeff VanVonderen does the best. He seems to be clear and concise with the families: “Everything else besides, ‘Yes, I’ll go,’ or ‘No,’ is just noise.” But it seems to me that the best help any of the interventionists can give is to help the family stop enabling the addict’s using. Truly, the addict is only the most visible part of a sick family system.

The Celebrity Rehab episode I saw featured one of the addicts yelling at an aid because he wanted pain medicine. A staff member who was obviously worn down headed down the hall to deal with the situation. No doubt about it, addicts are a pain to deal with and this guy was no exception but I was shocked to hear therapist being sarcastic on the way to the patient’s room. And after she got there, I thought she was placating to an addict who was acting out in verbally abusive way.

Singing drinking songs on a field trip, jumping off the boat, a food fight. I can’t even imagine this kind of stuff going in my treatment facility. So on the one hand, it’s great that we are talking about addiction. But we’re not really talking about it, are we? We’re being entertained.

I took a quick look at the show’s blog on Vh1, thinking I’d find more to write about. There’s some intelligent commentary by Dr. Drew on the blog. If there was intelligent commentary anywhere else, I missed it. Granted, I didn’t exactly give the message boards an in-depth read.

Vh1 has a nice website. I like the brown and blue color scheme. It’s retro. They have links to other shows’ blogs. I was going to type them out and make some sort of quip about how incongruous it is to find the hardest-working doctor in show business blogging right next door to Flavor-Flavor and across the aisle from the Pussycat Dolls.


I’ve been sexually sober for 597 days. I made that yellow plaque a few days before I completed treatment — at a facility that you won’t ever see on TV.


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  1. Congratulations on completing your time at rehab, and a big congratulations on 597 days. Wow. That’s big stuff with our disease. Thank you for dropping by my site. I’m glad to have someone else in the blogosphere, walking this gentle path with me.

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