I’m So Much Better!

My husband is working evenings this week and I’ve been spending more time online. Since I’ve decided to join the wide world of bloggers I thought I’d spend the time on google and find others who are blogging about their lives in recovery. I had forgotten all about people thinking it’s hot to call themselves a sex addict so I saw a fair number of links to porn.

I was starting to feel a bit depressed and down in the dumps at seeing all these stupid links when it occurred to me that this is actually pretty amazing. My reaction, that is, which was mildly irritating, not triggering. Those links were an inconvenience, not a major threat to my recovery. A few years ago, things were different. Searching for information, meetings, and support online was like walking through a minefield where I usually got off the computer after hours online, thoroughly disgusted with myself for being such a weak, bad person.

It’s been a strange journey but life is good. All those jerks who told me it would get better – they were right!


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