I can’t believe it. My husband just called to say that he heard on the radio that the California courts have basically made homeschooling illegal.

Evidently a homeschooling family was abusing their children. Dragging your step-child out of a car and beating her is abuse. Living in a dirty house with a ridiculous number of guns is abuse. Allowing a known sexual predator to babysit your children is abuse.

Homeschooling, however, is not abuse.

In my town, a junior high school math teacher was sexually abusing some of his male students. That does not mean that public schools are abusive, just that some teachers are abusive and we don’t screen them all out, even with extensive background checks.

What we can say is that, in general public schools don’t do a good job educating their students. I guarantee that Miss South Carolina was not homeschooled.


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