Thoughts on Easter


Like many people who have been abused by a member of the clergy, my husband and I have lost our faith and since it’s Easter, I feel a little sad about that. We’ve always leaned toward the rational and the scientific, so there’s a very good chance this would have happened anyway, but being betrayed by the Church certainly sped things along.

So we’re developing new traditions for the holidays. With no little ones in the house and snow on the ground, we’ve decided not to hide eggs. And we’re taking the opportunity to cut back on candy too. Dinner will be the same menu; ham, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus. After dinner, we’ll vote on a movie and relax together. I think next year I may put up an Easter-egg tree. Decorating eggs is always fun and the kids are old enough now that we can do the fancy pysanki eggs and the paper-mache birds’ nests. They’re especially beautiful if you use a forsythia branch. Bring it in the house a few days early to force the blooms.

Would I go back and regain that lost faith? No. I like the way things are now. We’re watching Beowulf and enjoying our day. Life is good!


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