Mothers Who Think

FrederickWhat ever happened to Mothers Who Think at Back when I was breastfeeding, using cloth diapers with natural wool wraps, and putting soft leather shoes on my little ones. I was reading books like Better Late Than Early, by the Moores; Multiple Intelligences, by Harold Gardner; re-reading John Holt and Hiam Ginott and discovering Ginott’s protoges, Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Is there a parent out there who hasn’t read Faber and Mazlish? Spend the $10 or $15 at and buy their book. Keep it in the bathroom so you can consistently review the concepts – they’re in cartoon format, how easy is that! In a few weeks you’ll be emailing me with profound gratitude!

So it was at this time in my life when I discovered Most of what I read there was for the birds. I’m not exactly liberal in my political views, when I bother to have political views (I really pissed off a professor once just by being the only person in the class who listened to Limbaugh. I should have kept my hand down when he asked. The whole rest of the semester that asshole tried to make me out to be the Conservative Apologist. That was the same class where I asked the young woman who sat next to me if she’d like to hook up sometime to study. She looked at me like she had a hair ball in her throat and gagged out, “Um. No.” It seems that the terminology had changed in the past 10 years and hooking up no longer has anything to do with coffee. My children just howled when they heard this one!

Anyway. Back to It was there I first heard of Anne Lamott. I bought her book and felt an immediate connection with her story. Which is kind of funny when I think of it now. (Because back then I was a healthy, happy, normal person whose live was quite manageable, thank you very much.) When I read something that touches me, it’s a good feeling to buy the book. I imagine that small portion of my payment finding its way into the author’s pocket as a personal thank you. Thank you for taking the time to write. Thank you for taking the risk to publish so I can read what you’ve written. I really don’t get that whole concept of trying to download music for free. Read Frederick. Artists are necessary for our survival. And yeah, I think they should get a bigger percentage of the take, but publishers have to eat too. Here’s a happy thought: The Internet really is going to change that part of the book-production scene. Just look at John T. Reed’s website if you need convincing. (His books are worth the money too, but I wish he’d pay a graphic designer to improve the layout.)

I still get the newsletter from and one of the links looked interesting. The article was entitled, The Parent Trap and there was a cute little graphic, so I clicked. Parenting (from the article wasn’t bad. But, damn it! I miss Mothers Who Think. Surely there are a few of us around. In that whole article, there wasn’t a single mention of wool diaper covers. Surely I’m not the only Limbaugh listening, Mothering Magazine reading, rainbow diaper using, atheist sexaholic in recovery out there. Where did all the mothers who think go? I’m finding a quite few of them in the blogosphere and I think we should all get together and start a Mothers Who Think Blogroll with Frederick as the mascot.


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