The Parlor

On Friday, I spent too much time chatting with a certified sex therapist online. I’d met this person on one of the recovery email loops I belong to. The whole thing was so weird and unsettling because she was obviously very invested in convincing me right then and there to whack off. Which made me wonder if I was really talking to a female certified sex therapist. Because wtf? A sex therapist who hasn’t heard of Patrick Carnes? Odd. And supposedly she is an instructor at some university. So curious me, I googled her screen name. And landed on an obviously pornographic link, which (idiot that I am) I clicked. Luckily I use Safari and it was lacking the plugin required to view.

Why did I feel it necessary to search? I didn’t need to know.

But in my paranoia, I remembered this short by Geoffrey Haley. Its creepy and sad, but really gets the point across.

Some of the explicit language might be triggering. You can read a summary at the Internet Movie Database here that isn’t triggering.



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