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Six Word Memoir

What a week. That last line on in the pic just cracks me up. “We are hanging here….” It’s probably too small to read without clicking, but trust me. Mac’s crash so politely. The hard drive on the iMac is

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The Outer Circle: Spirituality

Like many atheists, I’ve been searching for God all my life. I was something of a spiritual alchemist searching diligently for that elusive substance that would enable me to turn lead (me as I was) into gold (me saved). Eventually

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Sexual Health and the Outer Circle

SAA uses the 3 circles as a recovery tool to help members move toward a healthy sexuality. I did my 3 circles toward the end of my treatment, just before family week. I got piece of butcher paper and listed

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Bully Dance

I’ve been thinking about the complexity of bullying situations lately. And today I happened across the blog of an inspirational woman who is in the midst of an ugly bullying drama, fully casted. There’s the victim, the bully and her

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Non 12-step Recovery

Sometimes being in recovery gets old. A few years ago, back when I was seeing Father M. the wonder therapist, one of the many books I read was Stanton Peele’s book, Love and Addiction. It was informative, but not terribly

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