Bully Dance

Bully Dance - a short film

I’ve been thinking about the complexity of bullying situations lately. And today I happened across the blog of an inspirational woman who is in the midst of an ugly bullying drama, fully casted. There’s the victim, the bully and her two supporters, and the innocent bystanders. It’s all tying in nicely with the book I’m reading by Dr. Zimbardo, The Lucifer Effect. I’m particularly interested in the role of the innocent bystander, which of course is not the powerless roll we believe it to be. I think that’s where the banality of heroism (Zimbardo’s term) as well as the banality of evil grows, according to our individual reactions to the situation at hand.

All of this thinking brings me to this little film short. It’s written for parents and teachers, but I think it’d be great for use in community groups. There are supplemental classroom materials are available at Bullfrog Films. It’s an expensive film but you can borrow it from the nearest college or university library. The interlibrary loan service at your local public library might be able to get it for you too.




  1. Your comments about bystanders got me thinking about something I read recently. Not quite so related to bullying – but maybe.

    When we perform an act of kindness, we resonate positive energy in at least three ways. As the giver, we are energized by what we give. As the receiver, we, too are energized by the positive flow, and are often compelled to continue this flow to others. But the third receptor of this energy is what intrigues me the most…

    Actual studies have shown that someone who *witnesses* an act of kindness, in the physical realm, serotonin levels in the brain go up. In other words, this energy is transferred by merely watching, as a bystander.

    By the same token, an act of bullying can have the same effects, but with the negative flow. Imagine the bystanders, who likely outnumber the bully/bullies, stopping the negative energy, by rebutting it with love and protection. The flow is reversed, and we are back in a state of positive energy.

    I enjoyed this post. I always love reading your very insightful thoughts.

  2. I’ve worked with Phil Zimbardo on the role of heroism in bullying. As you say, if those innocent bystanders were to perform an heroic act by standing up, the bullying would be gone. I’ve written a lot about the bullying ideas on my blog.

    I’d love to see the end of that video. It ends at the worst spot.

  3. I would love to read the blog of the bullied woman… I think her and I may have a few tidbits in common.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. I have had a gag order on me not to share much on the internet since my atheist blog was found, printed out, and used against me. Im even uncomfortable going to the grocery store these days. But the gang mentality of women is amazing. I am allowed to post freely now, but not with my reputation intact.

    I think i will go check out your blog now….

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