Six Word Memoir

What a week. That last line on in the pic just cracks me up. “We are hanging here….” It’s probably too small to read without clicking, but trust me. Mac’s crash so politely. The hard drive on the iMac is completely dead. That stinks because the old iMacs had the best screen, everyone in the family could get just the right height and angle. This happened yesterday, after I’d finally given up trying to recover all the photos I took while we were on vacation at the beach. I rented a sweet telephoto lens, one of those big mothers that a photographer from National Geographic would use to take pictures of tigers. These were, without a doubt, the best photos I’ve ever taken. Normally my vacation photos are little wee dots in a 5×7 sea of blue-grey. These were big, bright, and beautiful. There was one where the kids were laughing as the wave broke on their backs. You could see the individual droplets of spray and these big beautiful grins. I’m looking at my living room wall where I’d planned to hang the poster-sized print of that one.

Alas. Sometimes I just fiddle too much. There’s really no need for me to go around backing up and then immediately deleting redundant files. I have an external hard drive that’s huge. Why not back up everything? Nope. Not me. I don’t waste cheap storage space. So I backed up the wrong folder. Then got pissed because my image editing program was soooo sloooow and decided to reinstall the OS. Back when I used WindowsME, that was smart. Now, it’s dumb. Then I proceeded to use my computer enough so that I couldn’t recovery anything that had been on my desktop. It took 2 days to run the recovery program and it found every picture file except the ones from the beach.

I had a complete meltdown – one of those where you’re sitting down in the shower crying so hard you choke on your own snot. You’d have thought it was the end of the world. Well, either that or bad reality TV.

I’m still sad that all those photos are gone but I’m grateful it was a s.u.e (stupid user error) and not a fire, tornado, or hurricane. I’m grateful we’re can afford to go to the beach. Next time, I’m getting that same telephoto lens from rentglass, it was definitely worth it. Last time we went to the beach, I took three pictures. Of a tree. This year, I took close to 500 pictures of the people I love. Obviously my mental health has improved!

I backed up iTunes correctly. And the iMac croaking doesn’t seem all that bad after losing all my vacation photos.

Greybeard tagged me. A six word memoir:

Very well read. Not too smart.


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  1. Glad you played. Sorry about the Mac. There are two kinds of folks in this world — those who do backups and those who have never had a hard drive fail. What is it we say in recovery? “It takes what it takes”?

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