Back to School


It's a fracken cracker

I’m taking my daughter shopping tomorrow to get clothes for school.


Two years ago, one of my husband’s friends offered to take her shopping for back to school clothes. She helped my daughter choose her first bra. And about that I feel … sad. And angry. I gotta tell you that mother f*cking monk has an awful lot to answer for. I sometimes wish that we’d pressed charges.

But then again, we’re going shopping tomorrow to get clothes for school and we don’t have ugly gossip hanging over our heads. We’re yesterday’s news as far as me being “away” and “sick.” So my highest self, my inner adult thinks we did the right thing. At least, we did the best we could at the time. But there is a part of me that’s slowly waking up to the fact that I’m really, really, angry at Fr. M. and the sick system that enabled him. Maybe that’s why I’ve so enjoyed cracker-gate.


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