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It’s Tomorrow

The meeting was fine. I have to pass a ton of xxx places to get there, which is not a big deal anymore. I don’t even notice them most of the time but last night, I did. The meeting was

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On Being a Movie Star

I was watching The Cleaner last night waiting for my husband to get home from work. It had been kind of a sad, blah day; sort of grey. I usually don’t watch a whole lot of TV but yesterday I

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The Pr*cessionary Caterpillar

** Note: This post was edited to make it less likely that students looking for info on this particular type of caterpillar would end up here ** See how that line of caterpillars goes on and on into the distance?

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  Oddly enough many addicts look forward to disclosure. They see it as a new beginning and a clean start on a fresh new way of life. Other addicts want to get honest but they’re afraid to tell the worst

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Misfits Anonymous

It’s depressing. I really feel different from other addicts in recovery. “Find God or die.” I’m really tired of hearing that. There are parts of my particular program that are (in my opinion) wrong and I’m tempted to attend a

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