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Lately I’ve been listening to audio books while I walk and today I wanted to listen to one of my favorite books, What Happy People Know by Dan Baker. Audible didn’t have it so I googled. It doesn’t exist but you know how that goes; one link led to another and a podcast on EMDR caught my eye. 

The second thing that caught my eye was that the podcast is produced by a psychotherapist. I’m not particularly fond of psychotherapists these days. My former therapist was a psychotherapist in training. Psychotherapists don’t have to be licensed; I could legally practice psychotherapy in some places. Tricky bastards. 


Not all psychotherapists are bad psychotherapists. I know this. But truth be told, I’m still fairly biased against psychotherapists. And priests. And monks. 

I got EMDR when I was in treatment and I found it very helpful. It was a bummer when I found out there isn’t any definitive research that shows that EMDR is efficacious. However, I’m happy to report that learning that didn’t have a negative impact on my mental health. I remember reading once about a guy who was getting shots of something that he thought was curing his cancer. He made a full recovery until he learned he was in the control group at which point he died. I don’t know if it was the EMDR or that my therapist cared or that I believed. I’m talking about statistically valid, double-blind studies with measurable success. Come to think of it, there’s a dearth of those studies in recovery too. 

So I got the chance to learn a little more about EMDR  and practice some exposure therapy all at the same time. The interview was interesting and when I got back from my walk, I looked up the guy’s website. His book list is fantastic. I’ve read all but one of the books and they’ve all changed my thinking in one way or another.

If you’re curious, the books are:

What Happy People Know by Dan Baker

Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominquez and Vicki Robin

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Elaine Faber and Adele Mazlish (This book was inspired by Hiam Ginnott’s work, which is excellent.)

I haven’t read The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh but it’s on my wishlist.

This is a pretty boring post. Sorry about that. Usually when I write I try to keep it interesting, although I’m still mostly guessing about what’s interesting (to you) and what isn’t. After I’m finished writing, I go back and fill in the links. And wouldn’t you know, when I was trying to find a simple page about licensure of psychotherapists, Google found an old newsletter that lauds my former therapist. 

I didn’t click, but shit. Over two years and that damn hook is still set in my brain.



  1. I didn’t think your post was boring at all. I love getting links to interesting information. I have the Miracle of Mindfulness on my Sansa mp3 but haven’t listened to it yet. Alas, that’s the story of my life. I have every book every written about living a better life, I just haven’t quite figured out how to soak them into my soul.

    I think we corresponded before about EMDR. I did it for awhile and I do think it did cause me to get to a deeper level, but it also sent me into a depression which landed me in a treatment center for four weeks. I think it’s important to know what you are getting into when you start delving into the depths of such kinds of therapy.

  2. I don’t know why you can’t post comments on my blog!! sorry!

    I think I recently changed it to the “pop up” kind of comments because I hate bloggers comment page. So maybe it’s blocked by your browser? I dunno… I hope it works for you if you try again…

    I’m going to see a therapist about my sexual addiction next week. I’m a bit nervous and don’t know if EMDR will be part of that or not. Hell, I don’t even know what EMDR is yet; I’m going to google it after I catch up on my blog reading!

    I hope that therapy for my sexual compulsions will be helpful…

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