Not In My Town … Not In My Blogosphere

Possummomma, a fellow atheist blogger has shut down her blog because she and her family have been harassed. The graphic and post is to show my support for Possummomma and her family. 

Thanks to The Friendly Atheist who alerted me, and The Calladus Blog for telling me the entire story.

Whenever you share yourself and your thoughts in a blog you take a risk – that people won’t agree with you, that they won’t like you. You also risk making new friends and expanding your horizons, something that must have been very important for Possummomma, who was often confined to her home due to a medical condition. I don’t think I’m going to be able to enjoy the show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight again. There are stupid, mean people everywhere, including (some of) that show’s loony fans but the rest of us are obligated to stand up and speak out.



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  1. That’s just terrible. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit and it disturbs me how much we (the big human race we) often seem unable to separate disagreeing with a person’s opinions and beliefs from hating that individual personally. I’m noticing this in the US presidential elections — disagreeing with McCain or Obama or Palin on principle equals hating and attacking McCain or Obama or Palin for holding those opinions.

    One of the wonderful things I’ve found in blogging is that most people (at least most who stop and talk to me in comments) are good and loving, even those who vehemently disagree with me. But I have had a few who truly scare me. A few scary, harassing commenters really can make blogging not worth it. I know others who have shut down or shut off comments for that reason.

    Hugs to possummomma from me.

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