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Spouses Need Disclosure

Spouses need disclosure because they have a right to know who they love and what world they’re living in. It’s grossly unfair to pretend that everything is fine when it’s not. As difficult as this is, we’ve got to tell

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Addicts Need Meetings

The whole meeting thing can feel like a catch-22. I had real trouble buying into the concept that I needed meetings. I mean, please. Put my shoes under the bed and ask my Higher Power to keep me sober? Are

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Open meetings, or what do a group of sex addicts talk about anyway?

We’re going to be having an open meeting tomorrow. That’s where we let in people who aren’t sex addicts. In my area, these are very rare. The last one was over 2 years ago. I asked for it so my

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Thoughts on a Sunday morning.

I sat down this morning figuring I’d post about what happened with the whole rough-patch-in-the-desert thing. Instead, I’ve spent the past half hour at viewing a series of random blogs. At first I thought it was one of those

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Getting current

One of the reasons meetings are important in recovery is they give you regular chances to share what’s going on in your life. That’s important for everyone, but we all tend not to share the difficult stuff, which means we

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Rough days do pass.

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The Desert of the Real

  Here’s what the photographer has to say about this photo: [It was] taken on the way to Waffra in Kuwait during a heavy Sandstorm. This couch was abandoned just off the road, in the desert. As you can imagine,

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