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Addiction is . . .

Here are today’s words of wisdom from my current recovery reading. This is on page 203 of The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood. “The truth is that I am not prone to accidents,” she writes in her memoir. “I am

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Be here now.

“To be open to the world in which you find yourself, to be able to experience wonder at its magnificence, is to begin to admit its reality and adapt to it. Be here now. It is to place yourself in

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Recovery for Atheists: Deep Survival

Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales is one of my atheist recovery books. It’s a major part of my program literature. I have a lot of program literature from a lot of programs. I’ve read the Big Book of AA, the

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What is healthy sex?

There are lots of different, fun ways to have sex. I guess that’s a no-brainer for most people but if you’re a sex addict, figuring out the difference between healthy sex and acting out sex isn’t easy because the mechanics of sex before recovery are pretty much the same as they are after recovery. That makes it easy to lose your place when you’re in the middle of intercourse, especially when the new “good” thoughts you’re trying to think aren’t working for you erotically.

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