Whiskey in my milk.


my ipod ad

So here was today’s brilliant idea. I could download an erotic “book” from audible.com to listen to during my workout.


For those who read the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, there’s a story about a guy who’s doing really well with his AA program. He’s sober and been sober for awhile. So one day while at lunch he orders a whiskey with his lunch. He has some vague notion that since he’s drinking it with milk, it’s okay. Healthy. Because everyone knows that milk is good for you.

I like to listen to audiobooks while I exercise. Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, right?

Unlike the guy in the story, I realized how crazy this sounds before going on a bender, before I slipped.

But damn. It pisses me off. And I’m so f-ing horny I could peel my skin off.

Hungry? No.
Angry? Yes.
Lonely? A little.
Tired? Yeah, but not really sleepy, just cranky.

Sometimes recovery is like taking care of my toddler-self. Although I’m throwing a fit for candy, what I really need is to do my exercise, eat dinner, and go to bed on time.



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