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For the love of FRICK!

In the face to face world, I’m the only atheist in recovery I know besides my husband, and he doesn’t go to meetings. In the online world I’m on the same list-serve as two other atheists who are sex addicts.

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Local SA meeting busted, anonymity destroyed.

You can read a well balanced article about this incident here. This is why newcomers have to call to find out where meetings are. This is why some meetings screen. If you’re a reporter and you want to do a story

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I’m not posting any links today. The articles I’m talking about are easy to find, but be wary of triggers.  I finally cut all ties to today. It’s a bummer. Back when they had Mothers Who Think I really

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Fearless Confessions

Sue Silverman is one of those authors that was a big help to me when I desperately needed help. I’ve mentioned her book, Love Sick here and here. I talked about the made for TV movie based on that book here.

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You cannot do recovery alone.

A few days ago, Rae pointed out to me that I’m giving away my power in the post where I complained about not fitting in because I’m an atheist. When I read that I thought she just didn’t understand what

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