I loathe PETA


So I went online today and happened to see a link to this PETA commercial. I loathe PETA. Let me say that again. I loathe PETA. But I saw a little blurb about them on O’Reilly the other night, plus the fact that I’m sitting here typing instead of exercising like I’m supposed to do might explain how my little pea-brain bounced around and decided to click on the link. Probably too, I like feeling morally superior and PETA ads always help me feel morally superior. I might be a recovering sex addict, but I’m not condescending and rude.

Or maybe it was just random neurons firing.

So here’s the funny part — I haven’t even gotten to see the video clip with the ad. In order to watch it, I have to sit through a Walmart ad. Guess what they’re selling? hehe. Steak.

This makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.

Somebody at foxnews.com must be having a laugh. The interview with the PETA spokesperson was good. That “ends justify the means” method is immoral. I loathe PETA.

Temple Grandin. Now there’s a woman who should be the spokesperson for PETA. She has made a huge difference in the ethical treatment of animals in the US and Canada.



  1. Yeah … I loathe PETA too. I suppose they must think all their members are thin, and that people who love pets are all thin. Assholes for a marketing team, that’s for sure.
    By the way, I loathe Fox News as well … but that’s a whole other story.

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