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Self Care

Sometimes I think I must just be a complete sissy when it comes to dealing with stress because honestly, life is good. My family is healthy, we have enough money, and the dog has stopped peeing in the house. We’ve

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Just for the rest of today.

I’ve recently been hit with unexpected porn. The first time it wasn’t a real big deal. I was looking for a custom folder icon to make one of my desktop folders stand out better. Specifically, I wanted a xp style folder that had a nice dollar sign for all my financial documents. Wouldn’t you know, somebody out there has created a whole slew of really nice xp folders with pinups peeking out. And that’s with all the safe search parameters turned on! Still, no harm, no foul. I had a laugh, was grateful that I’m doing so well and that I’m not as trigger-able as I used to be.

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