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Holy Crap – Did I Really Draw That?

I was just going through some of the images I’ve used on this blog. One of them is a the beginning of a “trauma egg” I posted to give people an idea of what they look like. It’s here. So

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Mental Maps

I’m re-reading two books that have been a tremendous help to me in my recovery, Deep Survival and Everyday Survival. Both are by Laurence Gonzales. “Anyone can get lost. I know. I have. But surprisingly few are genuinely prepared to

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I Had Sex with My Therapist

edit If you are a therapist reading this, please don’t be sexual with your client. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, being sexual with a client is harmful to that client. It’s not good for you either. You’re going

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Addiction? Compulsion? Excuse?

I thought sex addiction was an excuse, not a real disease. Cheat on your spouse? That’s okay because you can’t help it if you’re a sex addict. Surf Internet porn day after day? Not your fault when you’re an addict.

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