Good Evening


What a day. Why the heck doesn’t life let up when you need it too? I had to deal with nonsense at work to a ridiculous degree. For fuck’s sake, a small group of grown women have to fight over who washes SIX (6!) coffee cups and glasses. Not 6 of each, 6 altogether. I’m the ‘boss’ and I usually wash the dishes because:

    it takes about 4.75 minutes.
    I hate hearing the bitching.
    I hate hearing the martyrdom.

We’ve been having some fun drama, and it’s my responsibility to deal with it sine things have gotten to the point where customer service is being affected. So basically, I have been promoted to fucking kindergarten teacher/playground monitor. Yay, me.

As an aside, if there are any small business owners out there, having a grown-up mom as your office manager makes sense. I swear, “How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen & Listen so Your Kids Will Talk” is my go-to HR manual.

I stopped by an open AA meeting. That helped… ass in wheelbarrow and all that.

I’m going to bed sexually sober. And that jittery antsy feeling isn’t as bad.

Thank you for all the prayers, good wishes, and kind words. It helps.



One comment

  1. Yes, it’s amazing how doing things “outside of the job description” gives you martyr status. My response would be to eliminate the cups and make people bring their own in. Sounds like you are hanging in there though.

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