It’s been awhile


One of the reasons I started this blog is that I couldn’t find any other blogs written by sex addicts that didn’t just stop after awhile. I’d find someone I felt I could really connect with or learn from and then I’d notice their last post was months or even years old. I hated that. Did they relapse? Did they stop working the program? Why would anyone do that? Did they die? And what, if anything, did that say about me and my chances for recovery?

I want to let anyone who reads this blog that I’m still here. Lots of things have happened but I’m still a happily married, functionally sober adult woman in her 50s. I weigh more and am developing that chin waddle my grandmother had when she was my age. My hair is a lot grader, or would be if I didn’t dye it. I have the occasional alcoholic beverage, usually a dark beer. I don’t smoke.

My life is good. I hope yours is good too.




  1. Thank you for the update – although my problem was a little different (i slept with my psychologist) this blog has been important to me. Over the years, over this site, I’ve advised others not to sleep with their therapist and if they do, find the strength to report them to appropriate authorities (state board, etc.) I’ve come to believe we are all broken, but in our broken-ness we can heal. I’m still not whole, but I have come so far forward – I, too, am happy, content with my life. Good luck to you and all those out there who are searching for help……

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