Don’t have sex with clients


After so many years of having this blog, the number one search term is still a variation on how to have sex with my therapist.


For heaven’s sake. It is  NEVER healthy to have sex with your therapist. NEVER. It will always damage you, always have an icky taint of incest, and always be a mistake. 


Don’t have sex with your clients. Don’t have sex with your therapists. Period. Even if [fill in whatever excuse you want]. Don’t do it. 


I cannot tell you have angry I feel that this is STILL the number one way people find my blog. So let me be really, really blunt: if you are sexually intimate with your therapist you’re going to wreck your hope of becoming a normal functioning adult. Because this is a REPEAT of childhood trauma. 


The truth is that your therapist is off limits.  

And if you’re a therapist, your client is off limits. Seriously, off limits. 

This is not rocket science, people.