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I’m ready for spring to be here

I spent a few hours today thinking about redoing my inner circle. But here’s the thing. I don’t really have good sobriety on all the behaviors in my inner circle right now and I know that addicts who redefine their

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Returning to Therapy

It’s been strange, returning to therapy. I thought I was done with all the navel gazing and unpacking, and re-framing. None of that shit is much fun, plus I’m taking a chance that I could be hurt again. My new

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Today’s Rambling Post, in which I wish to share a great quote but somehow fail to make a broader connection that would show me to be erudite. Several colons were harmed in the editing of this post.

I’m often asked how I can be in recovery and an atheist all at the same time. How do I work steps? Do I actually work the steps or just give them lip service. What about step 11? Do I

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O ne D ay A t A T ime I didn’t drink, but I did lose my cool and smash a egg on the floor. Real mature. My dear husband wasn’t fazed in the least, but I was pretty shocked

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No title.

I have homework from the new therapist. Did I mention that I’m seeing a new therapist? Yeah. He’s much closer to my home, 5 minutes vs. 2 hours. Here’s a positive sign: I haven’t had a panic attack during any

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I’m glad my husband will take care of his own needs

I spent some time talking with my husband today. I wanted to know how he was doing with me resetting my sexual sobriety. We have an agreement that I be honest with him about my acting out, and I’ve been

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News Flash

Porn gets boring after awhile.

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Do I really have to keep going to meetings for the rest of my life?

The short answer is no, but you should. That makes for a dull blog post, so (of course) I’ll elaborate. Lately I’ve been doing very well. It’s unexpected because I just had a relapse and I figured I’d be right

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Feedback Sucks

One of the problems I have with 12-step groups is that I have a hard time balancing acceptance with feedback. When you go to a meeting, one of the time-honored traditions is that there is no cross-talk. That means that

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Changing old patterns

Don’t we all hope against hope that this time, Charlie will refuse to play Lucy’s game? He’s such a nice guy. And Lucy; what a bitch! Don’t you wish Charlie would kick her instead? Guess which one is the sex

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