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Surviving Survival

I really like the books Laurence Gonzales has written about survival. I’ve just read the most recent, which is all about human resilience after traumatic events. What was healing for me in reading this book is the realization, backed by science,

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About me

When I started this blog I was angry that there weren’t any current blogs written by sex addicts. It seemed like people blogged for awhile and then just quit. What the heck? Did they get better? Were they cured? Or

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Ten Years

Ten years ago, I was a mess. My recent conversion to Catholicism had not gone well because all these weird problems with masturbation had come up (it’s a sin for Catholics to masturbate – and I was trying hard not

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Don’t have sex with clients

  After so many years of having this blog, the number one search term is still a variation on how to have sex with my therapist.   For heaven’s sake. It is  NEVER healthy to have sex with your therapist.

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Crying and sobriety

I had been sober from 7/6/06, the day I entered treatment until 1/17/11. That’s 4 years, 6 months, and 12 days. Sobriety for me then was no contact (including googling him) with my former therapist, a priest who was also

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That (other) time I cried really hard

*I was writing a about crying really hard when my son was ill and veered off on a tangent about the other time I’d cried that hard, which was supposed to be a line or two, but the words wouldn’t

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The psychologist I am seeing thinks I have Aspergers Syndrome. There’s this book that Liane Holliday Willey has written; evidently women with Aspergers are more susceptible to sexual abuse. After years of trying to figure out what part of my

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My spiritual awakening to atheism

Have I mentioned recently that I’m grateful to be an atheist? Life is so much more precious now, since this is the only one I’ve got; no do-overs in heaven. I don’t have to waste any of it rationalizing the

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Returning to Therapy

It’s been strange, returning to therapy. I thought I was done with all the navel gazing and unpacking, and re-framing. None of that shit is much fun, plus I’m taking a chance that I could be hurt again. My new

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Art Therapy

One of the hardest parts of going to a residential treatment facility was the impossibility to avoid the “touchy-freely shit.” That would be things like art therapy, meditation, standing on a chair shouting out affirmations. We had group exercises on

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