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Today’s Rambling Post, in which I wish to share a great quote but somehow fail to make a broader connection that would show me to be erudite. Several colons were harmed in the editing of this post.

I’m often asked how I can be in recovery and an atheist all at the same time. How do I work steps? Do I actually work the steps or just give them lip service. What about step 11? Do I

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No title.

I have homework from the new therapist. Did I mention that I’m seeing a new therapist? Yeah. He’s much closer to my home, 5 minutes vs. 2 hours. Here’s a positive sign: I haven’t had a panic attack during any

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I’m glad my husband will take care of his own needs

I spent some time talking with my husband today. I wanted to know how he was doing with me resetting my sexual sobriety. We have an agreement that I be honest with him about my acting out, and I’ve been

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It’s good to be sober again.

I’m not a big dieter. In my experience, most diets take a lot of effort and I end up feeling like shit at the end because I haven’t lost much weight. Hunger generally isn’t a problem because it’s a feeling

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I just want to be normal

I’ve been really busy but saying I’ve been too busy to blog would be a lie. After all, I’ve had time to read something like 30 books (at least) since my last post, watch the Firefly series through at least

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Recovery = Freedom to Choose

One of the reasons it’s easier to get sober in rehab is there’s no drug there. For sex addicts that means no magazines, no TV, no computers, no phones. There’s also a dress code. No sleeveless shirts. Shorts and skirts

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Local SA meeting busted, anonymity destroyed.

You can read a well balanced article about this incident here. This is why newcomers have to call to find out where meetings are. This is why some meetings screen. If you’re a reporter and you want to do a story

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Open meetings, or what do a group of sex addicts talk about anyway?

We’re going to be having an open meeting tomorrow. That’s where we let in people who aren’t sex addicts. In my area, these are very rare. The last one was over 2 years ago. I asked for it so my

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