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A Suggested Recipe for Recovery

I can get really aggravated when people share about things that are just not my experience. There was this one time when I heard a person share about a dual sobriety date, which I thought was an utter crap. That

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Trauma Egg

When I was in treatment we talked about feelings a lot. It got to be a running joke where someone would say something, like we’re having chicken for dinner and someone else would say, “And about that I feel… ”

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Two Years

At my last meeting, I received my two year medallion and was called on to share my experience, strength and hope as the evening’s topic. I got nervous and felt like I lost the thread, which happens almost every time

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Married Sex

Someone asked me today if I thought it was wrong to lust after your husband. Good question. Alcoholics remove the alcohol from their homes. Smokers get rid of the cigarettes. Sex addicts toss the porn. But what about sex? Sex

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Angry Blather

In which I begin with a lot of angry blather but eventually through folksonomy and random serendipity end at a position of emotional stasis, having (hopefully) made a point while utilizing an interrobang and a plethora of parentheses. I swear,

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Musing About Meetings

Illustration by Nickelas Johnson Jennifer Parks wrote an interesting article about sex addiction. You can be pretty helpless and hopeless and still look okay when you’re a sex addict. I saw a guy this morning that used to go to

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From Questions to Confusion

The outer circle posts are turning out to be kind of boring so I’m going to put them on a separate page. The Friendly Atheist got me thinking this morning about the questions I get from other addicts in recovery.

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