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I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

The weird thing about having an abusive therapist is that, similar to an abusive parent, it’s so damn confusing. It’s the essence of the Stockholm Syndrome. I’m grateful that my grandfather let me have rides on the back of his

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The 10,000 Pound Phone

The phone is an important recovery tool but unless you practice making calls, you won’t use it when you need it.

Practice is the KEY INGREDIENT
phone + numbers + practice = successful connection
phone + numbers = a false sense of security

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Not In My Town … Not In My Blogosphere

Possummomma, a fellow atheist blogger has shut down her blog because she and her family have been harassed. The graphic and post is to show my support for Possummomma and her family.  Thanks to The Friendly Atheist who alerted me, and The Calladus Blog for

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A Podcast

Lately I’ve been listening to audio books while I walk and today I wanted to listen to one of my favorite books, What Happy People Know by Dan Baker. Audible didn’t have it so I googled. It doesn’t exist but you know

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Relapse Prevention

Think it through – it’s a good relapse prevention strategy for sex addicts. If you can follow the trail down to the sometimes that’s enough to keep your rational brain in control long enough to make a call and get

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Big Bag of Porn

A few years ago, I was very religious, working hard with my therapist trying to get a handle on this new vision of myself as a sex addict. The nearest s-recovery meeting was a really long drive away, so with

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I Don’t Know What to Say

The comment I got from Patrick is pretty bizarre. I thought I’d write something about it, but so far all I’ve been able to come up with is that I’m glad I’m not a Jesus Freak any more. Being an

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