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So I go to this meeting, right? I know that there’s a certain amount of god-stuff I’m going to hear because it’s 12-steps. Okay. But this guy just went on and on and on and on about the big, big

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No title.

I have homework from the new therapist. Did I mention that I’m seeing a new therapist? Yeah. He’s much closer to my home, 5 minutes vs. 2 hours. Here’s a positive sign: I haven’t had a panic attack during any

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Guess What?

As you can see, I reset my sobriety date. Again. Goddamnit. That damn sobriety date was like a badge of success. Now it’s a badge of failure. And yeah, I know we only have 24 hours, blah, blah. But that

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I Had Sex with My Therapist

edit If you are a therapist reading this, please don’t be sexual with your client. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, being sexual with a client is harmful to that client. It’s not good for you either. You’re going

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I was standing in line at the grocery store tonight staring at the stupid tabloids and a stupid photo of a rehab facility where a celebrity is supposedly being treated for his sex addiction caught my eye. When I was

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I loathe PETA

So I went online today and happened to see a link to this PETA commercial. I loathe PETA. Let me say that again. I loathe PETA. But I saw a little blurb about them on O’Reilly the other night, plus

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I’m not posting any links today. The articles I’m talking about are easy to find, but be wary of triggers.  I finally cut all ties to today. It’s a bummer. Back when they had Mothers Who Think I really

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Being an atheist in recovery

Click on the pic to follow the album cover to the twilight sad’s myspace page. It’ll open in a new window and the song that goes with this album cover, cold days from the birdhouse will start playing. An apropos image and

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Whiskey in my milk.

  So here was today’s brilliant idea. I could download an erotic “book” from to listen to during my workout. wtf? For those who read the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, there’s a story about a guy who’s doing

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Back to School

  I’m taking my daughter shopping tomorrow to get clothes for school.   Two years ago, one of my husband’s friends offered to take her shopping for back to school clothes. She helped my daughter choose her first bra. And

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