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Changing old patterns

Don’t we all hope against hope that this time, Charlie will refuse to play Lucy’s game? He’s such a nice guy. And Lucy; what a bitch! Don’t you wish Charlie would kick her instead? Guess which one is the sex

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It’s good to be sober again.

I’m not a big dieter. In my experience, most diets take a lot of effort and I end up feeling like shit at the end because I haven’t lost much weight. Hunger generally isn’t a problem because it’s a feeling

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Recovery has ruined my acting out

There’s a saying that AA will ruin your drinking. It’s true for sex addiction too. Nothing works as well when you’re thinking in the back of your mind that you might be a sex addict, or in my case that

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An inner debate while trudging

trudge/trəj/ Noun: A difficult or laborious walk: “the long trudge back”. Verb: Walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions So yeah. I’m trudging the road of happy destiny, not skipping the happy road of happy destiny but

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Guess What?

As you can see, I reset my sobriety date. Again. Goddamnit. That damn sobriety date was like a badge of success. Now it’s a badge of failure. And yeah, I know we only have 24 hours, blah, blah. But that

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This is a rambling post that says pretty much nothing. It’s more of a journal entry than anything else, which I wouldn’t normally post. But since I’ve recently had a slip, I’m trying to be more open and honest and

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Radical or Rigorous? Honesty

One of the tenets of recovery is honesty. You’ve got to stop lying to yourself and lying to others. You have to clear away the wreckage of your past and make amends whenever possible. There’s something very cathartic about living

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Talking helps

I’m still seeing my therapist once a week even though I’ve been doing really well. Good thing, too because last week I spoke with someone who also went to see the same priest/monk/therapist that I did. It turns out that

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Happy New Year!

For the past several years, I have abstained from making Near Year’s resolutions. That’s worked well for me as I haven’t suffered any shame for failing to follow through with my resolutions. This year, however, I’ve resolved to organize my

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